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Morgan County enacts incentive to attract data centers

Hoosier Times, It’s Your Business Column, Sunday March 20, 2011
By Joy McCarthy Sessing, CEcD

The Morgan County Council is being proactive in the attraction of investment and jobs to the county.

The county council recently passed another important economic development tool designed to attract data center facilities for the use of computing, networking or data storage functions. Due to the increase in technology used in today’s business world, the need for such facilities has increased.

Indiana has lost some attractive computing, networking and data storage projects to neighboring states. Because of this, the General Assembly passed legislation to address the property tax assessment system that reduces the attractiveness of Indiana communities to serve as host sites for the investment and employment of the growing data center industry.

The Morgan County Data Center Personal Property Tax Exemption incentive program passed by the County Council is designed to help attract the investment and employment of data centers in the county.

To be eligible for exemption from property taxes on personal property, an entity must meet the following requirements:

1. The entity is engaged in a business that operates one or more facilities dedicated to computing, networking or data storage activities;

2. The entity is located in a facility or data center in Morgan County;

3. The entity invests in the aggregate at least ten million dollars ($10,000,000) in real and personal property in Morgan County after June 30, 2009;

4. The average employee wage of the entity is at least 125 percent of the county average wage for Morgan County.

Included in the Morgan County ordinance is the definition of “enterprise information technology equipment”: (1) hardware supporting computing, networking or data storage function, including servers and routers; (2) networking systems having an industry designation as equipment within the “enterprise” or “data center” class of networking systems that support the computing, networking or data storage functions; (3) generators and other equipment used to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to equipment described in (1) or (2). It does not include computer hardware designed for single user, workstation or department level use.

For more information about Morgan County’s data center tax exemption, please contact me at jsessing@mor gancoed. com or 317-831-9455. Joy Sessing is economic development director for Morgan County. Next week’s column will be by Mike Gentile, executive director of CTI Inc., a nonprofit firm with offices in Bloomington that has the mission to increase awareness of Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center.

Copyright: Hoosier Times 2011


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